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Make next generation green army to protect the earth environment friendly industrial development

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About little farmer

The little farmer initiative aims to making agriculture, environment science, ecology,climate action popular among children in Bangladesh and also abroad. In this platform we do events where children aged 4-12 years old learn about plants, sowing techniques, watering and tackling common farming challenges such as bug infestations, know about native species, make interesting content about climate change issue. At the end of the day every child is given their own individual pot and seeds to grow a plant in it at home. Children and their parents nurture the plants and share their progress with us via social media. The journey helps generate conversations in families and among children around the importance of plants, and gives them first-hand experience in growing and caring for their own little piece of green.

Our aim is to inspire a generation connected with the Earth and conscious about the future of our planet. These little farmers will be the next generation green army, inspired to care for nature in simple but unique ways, fuelled by each successful harvest.

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