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Lake Victoria Day

Kenya Kisumu, Kenya
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Lake Victoria Day is a day for the local communities to come together to share issues, problems and challenges that affect the communities and in the same platform share and come up with solutions so that they can improve their livelihoods. The Day has been celebrated since the year 2000. It has
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Organising Partners
Uhai Lake Forum, CSOs, County Government

About Uhai Lake Forum,

Uhai Lake Forum works with the local communities to improve their livelihoods by harnessing available resources encouraging peaceful coexistence among the border communities through implementation of relevant SDGs to realize dignified livelihoods.

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1 no poverty 3 good health & well-being 5 gender equality 7 affordable & clean energy 10 reduced inequalities 13 climate action 16 peace, justice & strong institutions 17 partnerships for the goals