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1) If you opened the page  "Spread Love" you would understand the theme and ethos of 'Spread Love'. With so much orf hatred, violence and bloodshed across the globe, humanity apparently has come to a halt. In view of this, I want to create a movement to spread love, irrespective of age, gend
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About Ms Nilanjana Sanyal (Published Author/Concerned Global Citizen/Differently Able/Mobility Restricted , INDIA)

Dear Ma'am/Sir,

I am deeply obliged and truly honored to be able to write to you. Thank you so much for the invitation.

We are living in times of unprecedented global transition. Our times are seeing huge global upheaval and social ferment as inequality rises, war/conflict and human rights violations, humanitarian exigencies as also massive warming and changes in weather patterns and natural disasters.

All this calls for a more optimum partnership and collaboration between all actors - local, regional and international.

My work and writings have continually explored the entire gamut of peace, human rights and humanitarian issues, including racism, torture, slavery and human bondage, global pluralism, inter-faith dialogue and disarmament, and adopting an alternative approach towards achieving a more egalitarian global order.

My actions have been largely confined to my local communities, and I have chosen to remain a silent crusader. I have nevertheless been a delegate at two Tedx conferences, a juror on IYONS, 2015 (the "International Youth NGO Summit), Chennai, India, one of only a few women speakers invited to an inter-faith symposium on the theme "World Peace: The Critical Need of The Hour" and also just returned from New Delhi with the "Human Rights Hero Award"...

My life so far has however been marked by the immense pain and suffering of a physical challenge/disability caused largely by circumstances such as an attempted assault (that I managed to thwart) to rejection and failure to the untimely loss of my mother to cancer. This also imposes difficult restrictions on my ability to travel overseas, yes, I would need strong support if I had to travel.I am otherwise well-read and given to the commitment of an ideal torchbearer. I believe, despite my limitations of a challenge and travel, that even the most tumultuous suffering can lead you to your life purpose, indeed it is in the equations of courage, compassion and a progressive outlook that I have discovered my higher calling!

You can find more about me on

Thank you so much once again for the invitation. I look forward to joining you (to the extent possible of me) towards a better world for all, particularly our future generations, our children.

In gratitude & in solidarity,

Ms Nilanjana Sanyal

(Writing from Kolkata, India)

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