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Ending Tuberculosis

India Delhi, India
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
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3 good health & well-being 8 decent work and economic growth 10 reduced inequalities

About Operation ASHA

Operation ASHA (OpASHA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to bring tuberculosis (TB) treatment to disadvantaged communities. The organization’s primary work is detecting and curing TB and preventing and treating multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in India and Cambodia. Operation ASHA specializes in last-mile connectivity, bridging the gap between government medicine distribution centers and the communities of patients to deliver treatment at the doorsteps of the under-served. To ensure patients are fully treated, Operation ASHA's TB treatment model in urban slums is established in pre-existing DOTS (Directly Observed Therapy, Short-course) clinics in accessible locations such as local businesses, temples and pharmacies. Going to these common places rather than a separately established clinic allows patients to avoid the negative stigma associated with TB. In rural areas, Operation ASHA uses mobile delivery, where a community health worker travels from village-to-village on a motorcycle/scooter, carrying anti-TB drugs, supplies and equipment. In both the rural and urban slums, OpASHA utilizes biometric technology. By using biometrics, the fingerprint of both patient and healthcare provider are taken at the time a patient receives TB medication, ensuring treatment adherence and decreasing the rate of TB default.

In addition to detecting and curing TB, OpASHA's community health workers also educate the community about TB and its symptoms thereby helping to reduce the stigma there is regarding the disease even in today's day and age. In addition to TB, Operation ASHA's model and technology has been used in many other diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia and mental health.

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3 good health & well-being 5 gender equality 8 decent work and economic growth 10 reduced inequalities