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Detailed CV

Name of the fellow: ABDUL HAMID BHAT

Name of the Professional Institution: RAHIM GREENS

Proposed title of the seminar Series: Social Responsibility Movement- away forward in CSR Kashmir’sRahimGreens.

Address of the fellow: Lachmanpora, M.M.Bagh,

Srinagar, Kashmir (J&K), India

Pin code: 190 009

City: Srinagar

State: Jammu & Kashmir

Country: India


Website: www.rahimgreens.com

Fax No. (STD):0194-2441670

Phone No. (STD):0194-2300357

Mobile: +91-9906963123

Address of the Professional Institution: SIDCO Electronic Complex

Rangreth, Badgam Kashmir (J&K), India

Pin code: 191132.

City: Budgam

State: Jammu & Kashmir


Website: www.rahimgreens.com

Fax No. (STD/FTN):0194-2441670

Phone No. (STD / FTN):0194-2300357

Mobile: +91-9906963123


Islamic University Kashmir (Internal Audit Member)

International association for volunteer effort (IAVE)

Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)

Help Poor Voluntary Trust (HPVT)

Authrout (Helping Hand)



Skill development Program organized by Kashmir University.

Resource Person

Resource Person

I am trying to change corporate social responsibility into common man’s social responsibility. I have realized that there is a thin line between societal responsibility and marketing your Business cause. Many Corporate houses use CSR to advance their brand. Our corporate sector has to contribute in genuine ways to the social good. The necessity of being honest requires one to first exercise it on oneself, and then telling employees to be honest. Similarly observing discipline, strong work ethic and being sincere with customers. For me, a manifestation of this can be seen as a Teacher in different Schools, Colleges, and Universities. As I think every person is responsible for the development of society.

I bring students and fledgling entrepreneurs to my headquarters. I talk to them about my experiences, garner some laughs and encourage them to pursue private enterprise. The idea is to provide them with a "moral education" that covers self-sufficiency, the kind of values that anchored my own business understanding and teaching them to be effective corporate leaders.

We as volunteers have taken the responsibility of Education in many ways. We are trying to make an IMPACT and help bring transformation.

Rahim Motors has signed a MOU with the University of Kashmir and helps in skill development of the youth of Kashmir. Making them employable and whenever possible we employ them at Rahim Motors.

Rahim Motors in collaboration with National Institute of Technology (NIT, Srinagar) has indigenously developed a seat heating system.

Teaching Experience / Visiting Faculty:

Harvard Business School Boston (USA)

Singapore University.

Central University Kashmir.

Business School, Kashmir University.

Islamia College, Srinagar Kashmir.

IUST, Awantipora.


Fellowship in United World College Los Vegas (USA)


IAVE South Korea. (Guest Speaker).

Al-Bukhari International University, Malaysia. (Guest Speaker).

Guest Lecturer

Guest lecture across the Universities in Kashmir.

Guest lecture EDI in Kashmir.

Guest lecture Perdana University Malaysia.

Guest lecture Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

Guest lecture University of Malaya.


Civil Society and the media community here in Kashmir have served as an active conduit for promoting my cause, as well as a sense of sharing my corporate values& Vision has been over whelming. It’s truly an honor to be recognized for our efforts in improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. In recognition to-my Contribution many plaques, trophies and awards from Universities, International organization, NGOs, Mahindra&Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki marking serve as testimony.

My consistent efforts in serving People has resulted getting me the recognition of being the only Maruti “service master” in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, denoting the highest satisfaction level possible.

Award Received

52nd Industrial and handicraft Exhibition 2006 award of honor.

Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi… Certificate of appreciation.

Department of Commerce, University of Kashmir. Certificate of achievement.

Emerging Entrepreneur Award, 2008 Department of Commerce, University of Kashmir.

Islamic University of Science and technology Entrepreneur member

Functional Summary

Talking about myself, my nation and my role in corporate volunteering

At the beginning I will tell about myself, how I started from the bottom; growing up in a very humble setting, having trouble with school (now I have completed my 1year Executive MBA OMP honors Manger Program at S.P Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai, India). Inspiration to reach wider horizons of thought and action.

I have remained a volunteer from the beginning whether as a small worker or now as a C.E.O of the company having almost 200 workers. Allow me to say that for this work one needs to have a kind heart, which feels human pain and sincerity of purpose. Corporate, money and resources come later. I will be mentioning the ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time given me new courage to face life cheerfully and my passion to do something for society.

From Rags to riches

It’s the classic rags-to-riches saga. Failing the examination to earn my matriculate qualification in 10th grade, I started my career as a mechanic. I went on to work as a scooter mechanic, earning a few hundred rupees a month; opened a maruti repair workshop with one employee and Now am C.E.O of Rahim Group of Companies, a conglomerate of companies. All along I was living and volunteering simultaneously with no resources at hand.

Though I started a repair shop of my own- built a tin shed and with two workers. Soon after, I joined India’s largest automaker and a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, as a service provider.

Rahim Motors is now a large complex and operations also include two additional companies at other sites, Rahim Automobiles and Rahim Engineering Works. There are currently 175-200 employees under me.

I consider myself a full time volunteer, so I am always in need of enthusiastic people who have a passion for contributing their time to help others and state. So I invest my time and their time to empower youth, protect nature, education and healthcare.

Rahim Greens

Out of this vision, a trust styled Rahim Greens was born a few years ago. Now I divert some 25-30% of my company’s profits for the social responsibility projects. Through Rahim Greens we have taken various initiatives. One Rahim Greens’ main objective is nurturing young entrepreneurs.

Volunteer Support

Steadily we gained volunteer support of individuals, Educational Institutes, Colleges, University and Civil society. We now have our own nursery for the sapling which helps us in planting tress anytime and anywhere possible. I have alsodonated50 solar lights to be used for studying in the remote homes along the India-Pakistan border.

Plantation drives

The group has planted 145,000 trees around the Kashmir valley since 2009, including in areas of deforestation, which has become a concern throughout the valley. Steadily we have gained volunteer support of individuals, educational institutes, colleges, university and civil society.

Medical Aid in Unrest

The healthcare sector has been strained in the last over two decades of unrest, with hospitals overwhelmed by huge number of injured.

With help Poor Voluntary Trust (hpvt.org.in), which started many volunteering programs like medical aid for needy persons, I voluntarily act as a driver during emergencies for ambulances to ferry patients to hospitals with my co-workers.

We provide free round the clock, courteous and prompt emergency ambulance transportation to the needy patients of our community and respond to local emergency calls by Help poor Voluntary Trust as well

During Emergencies Rahim Greens visits those States for the Rescue and Free Medical Help

We are supplying 100% free Drug testing Kit to the concern department.

We are providing 100% Free Ambulance Service to the patients 24X7

We are Supplying 100% Free Wheel Chair to the Hospitals as well as Patients

We are also providing without rent free oxygen concentrator to the patients


Apart from these programs, Rahim Greens has started encouraging and engaging youth into different kinds of sports trainings and competitions. We are sponsoring and convening many sport events and football tournaments in the valley.

While there is great attraction towards football and some also play cricket, at rahim greens attempts are being made to attract youth to other sports. Rahim Greens sponsors Rahim Greens Cricket Club and Rahim Greens Football Club.


Trying to learn the best practices of the people who have been in social service and volunteering for a long time, I have been to numerous conferences world over. Connecting with the World.

In this time of Global Village doing ones work atones place is just not enough, one has to connect with world share one’s own experience and learn from them. Trying to learn the best practices of the people who have been in social service and volunteering for a long time, I have been to numerous conferences world over. Every visit has been a learning experience and on returning have always tried to implement what learn.

Conferences Attended / Countries Visited


Attended 2010 ‘Climate Change Adaptation Conference’ in Australia

Visited Shanghai, China with Indian business (Mahindra & Mahindra) delegation.

Singapore 21st IAVE attended World Volunteer Conference.

Singapore Social Entrepreneurship and philanthropy.


“Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2011”heldon20- 21October2011atthe United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

The 13th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference”on28-31October2011, CECO, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea. A documentary ‘On the Edge’ highlighting the environmental degradation in Kashmir produced by Rahim Greens was screened at the conference. At the conference talked about corporate volunteerism. Link of the documentary is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9rMvpkZK6M


Was invited to Al-bukhary International University Malaysia (May2012) to give a guest lecture on entrepreneurship.

While in Malaysia was invited by Transparency International in 2012, to talk about deforestation happening in Kashmir.

While in Malaysia was invited by Director General of ‘Fire & Rescue’, to discuss how volunteers should respond in emergencies.

Attended 22nd IAVE World Volunteer ConferenceinLondononDecember10-12-2012.


Visited to Turkey on the invited of Turkey Business Group and was leading Indian business delegation. 3rd Asia Pacific Climate change AdaptationforumSouthKoreaMarch18-20-2013.

Australia Climate change

Indonesia business delegation


London IAVE

Thailand climate change

Sri Lanka 5thAsia Pacific


Talk on social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, University of Malaysia

5th Asia Pacific Adaptation forum in ColumbiaSrilankaOctober2016


Fellowship from United World College of USA.


Recently I have attended the UN Sustainable Development Conference in Germany

Statement of interest

Brief concept note

Working for Change in my community in terms of Education, healthcare, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Sports activities is what I thought was to be done at its best. My vision was to help myself and to work for my people at once

Where do I go from here? What contribution can a strong idea and action plan make to this state of affairs? We need to understand the principles of this type of confect so that we can contrast that to a Practical model of social entrepreneurship where I consider Corporate Social responsibility frame work for common Man’s responsibility. The visionary ideas of a political volunteerism hold the real keys to transform such conflicts besetting the world today.

I created Rahim Greens with a focus on four areas:

Environment, Education, healthcare, Entrepreneurship and Sports activities

As my idea of social responsibility is deeply implicated in individual and social conceptions of Human love my raison

My Vision

Many Corporate houses use CSR to advance their brand. In society, everyone is waiting for CSR/NGO funding for the redressed of the grievances. In the same way, Social entrepreneurship is attracting growing amounts of talent, money, and attention. But along with its increasing popularity has come less certainty about what exactly a social entrepreneur is and does. As a result, all sorts of activities are now being called social entrepreneurship.

I am trying to change corporate social responsibility (CSR) into common man’s social responsibility (CMSR). This vision is to create awareness in the general masses /stakeholders to contribute in genuine ways to the social good.

My common man’s social responsibility (CMSR) signals the imperative to drive social change by the active participation of a common man with its lasting, transformational benefit to society.

I’m not sure I can always define it, but I know it when I see it.

All the MBA’s in the world cannot touch the impact created by the humble people pursuing small ventures and utilizing their economic influence to change the

Communities they live in because these are bred through the hunger for meaning that usually only comes to those who are motivated to change their own reality as well as that of others.

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