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Village Road Safety Education Program

India Sri Ganganagar
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
India is a highest populated country and the 70% population lives in villages. The most highways are passing from the villages. Most of the time villagers are the first responders at the road crashes sites. So the importance is to educate them. We initiated the proposal for the villages in 2012 in state of Rajasthan, India. SDSL Team reach to the villages near the highways to educate to rural people about the road safety & the role of the bystanders at the time of the road crash. This time we also do the same and educate villagers about road safety. People who are interested in SDGs 3 and 11 can join us from around the world. We are open for all International and Nationals institutes, Ngos, Governments, etc.
3 Good Health & Well-Being 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
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About Safe Drive Save Life

Safe Drive Save Life Ngo is the registered non-profit organisation, working for road safety from last ten years. SDSL is the member of Global Alliance of Ngos for Road Safety, Three star coalition, Indian Alliance of Ngos for Road Safety, etc.

SDSL is actively working towards its mission through interventions and activities, both individually and with Government/Semi Government bodies support. SDSL has been developing cost effective dynamic tools and ways to enhance efficiency and deliverability of Road Safety within the existing legal framework.

SDSL has been pre-eminent in spreading the message about road safety through a wide variety of grass root activities aimed at raising awareness amongst all levels of society as to the risks and consequences associated with the lack of road safety awareness. SDSL strongly feels that partnering with media provides impetus to the initiative and has close association with local and national media both electronic and print. SDSL believes that community involvement can give strong support to the cause of road safety and motivate political will, thus enable road safety actions to be prioritized and implemented.

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