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Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
“The NGO World” has expressed its strong support for an ambitious, transformative and inclusive post 2015 agenda and aims the creation of a “Pakistan SDGs Forum” a platform involving a broad range of civil society organizations and stakeholders in the implementation of SDGs in Pakistan. Strong and inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships, involving governments, parliaments, local authorities and organized civil society – including the private sector and citizens – will be vital to effect the necessary transformational changes. “Pakistan SDGs Forum” will organize NGOs/CSOs to localize the SDGs in Pakistan The “Pakistan SDGs Forum” intends to support citizens and civil society involvement in the implementation, monitoring and review of the new agenda at national level by developing a platform for Sustainable Development in partnership with the government relevant departments and representatives of organized civil society. This forum shall bring together, on a regular basis, policy actors from government institutions with a broad range of civil society representatives. Global Goals week September 22-29, 2018  Week of Action, Awareness and Accountability for SDGs As part of global efforts  the “Pakistan SDGs Forum” aims to provide opportunity to come together, cultivate ideas, identify solutions and generate meaningful partnerships for the Global Goals. It will help in accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan. THE GOALS TO BE REACHED, EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THEIR PART: GOVERNMENTS, THE PRIVATE SECTOR, CIVIL SOCIETY AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU.   Event Site For details participation and to join the actins campaign visit the website  
Organising Partners
We will invite all relevant stakeholders to join us as partner and supporter including; UNDP Pakistan Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (Pakistan) NGOs and Trade Unions Universities and Youth Groups

About The NGO World

NGOs and philanthropists were working separately to help the needy as a result the GOODNESS remained invisible. Although there were individual stories of Social Good to share but hopelessness still prevailed. Thus, Mr. Zafar Iqbal the founder, when saw people getting connected by social media more than any other medium was motivated to connect and build a platform to bring everyone together for GREATER GOOD. There were those who could be of service to humanity; there were those who needed help, and then there were those who could donate. Some needed work and the others wanted work done, some needed training and others knew how to train. In this scenario, he took the initiative voluntarily by creating a social media group named as “THE NGO WORLD” in 2009 and abbreviated it as “TNW”. This initiative started to network social entities like NGOs, Foundations, Associations, Philanthropists, Service Providers, Professionals, Development Activists and Social Workers.

“The aim was to share and interconnect all relevant information about the social sector and enhance the collaborations, ultimately resulting in value based social good for the communities in need. It was to make good work evident and the impact of that work becomes a visible one on the lives of the destitute people”.

Vision and hard work behind TNW have made it an active e-forum of NGOs/ Development professionals/Researchers and students who provide them opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences, share success stories, discuss issues, share information and resources so that activities of GOODNESS may be enhanced. TNW has achieved great repute and popularity over time. Thousands of professionals have availed beneficial opportunities and earned a wealth of knowledge from this social media networking platform.

he millstone of The NGO World Foundation (TNW Foundation) was laid down on 20th August 2010 by getting it registered as a non-political, non-profitable, non-sectarian and nongovernmental organization.

“TNW Foundation was established to launch humanitarian, the community felt and demand-driven initiatives for the poorest of the poor and marginalized population of its target areas”.

With the slogan “Live for Others”, TNW is working in various sectors of social well-being including Education, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Management, Economic Empowerment, Peace & Harmony, Disaster Response, Orphan & Widows Support and Capacity Development Programs. There are different innovative sustainable programs which can be replicated as a role model in changing the lives of poor and disadvantaged segments of the society.

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