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We will train teenage mothers on effective hand washing and how to prepare baby food using available local resources.

Cameroon Bamali Village
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
To join us on Act4SDGs, 25th Septermebr 2018, at Mbangsalle IHC. Join us on facebook at value health africa and @shu claudia sirri. Comment and share our posts for maximum dessimanation.
3 Good Health & Well-Being
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Value health Africa

walk with the elderly in my community: Leaving no one behind

Cameroon Alakuma Bamenda Cameroon
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Join us at Back St Mary Alakuma and facebook @ shu claudia sirri
3 Good Health & Well-Being

About Value Health Africa/Shu Claudia Sirri

Value Health Africa is an NGO in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon. Its mission is to alleviate human suffering by improving health and wellbeing for all irrespective of age, gender or race in Cameroon and Africa at large. Its goal is to improve health and wellbeing by reducing the burden of NCDs and fostering sexual and reproductive health and rights in underserved communities. The vision is to build a Cameroon with resilient health facilities and where citizens are empowered with the right information and resources to make informed decisions. We Reduce the burden of Non-Communicable diseases, Foster sexual and Reproductive Health, Policy advocacy and research, Improve access to safe water, foster hygiene and sanitation. Contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goal three; Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages, we have NCD control clinics and checkpoints, organize lifestyle sticker campaigns, Adolescence clinic, NCDs awareness and screening campaigns, building resilient teenage mothers by reducing depression through education, counselling and support and empowering teen moms on good parenting, sexual and reproductive health and rights, healthy feeding to reduce malnutrition. We also train them on petit businesses and consumables using available local resources which is tremendously reducing poverty in this underserved group.

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3 Good Health & Well-Being