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The basis of STEM by Her is mostly a community, as we are raising awareness on disparities present in the STEM society and encouraging women to take action and share their stories.

Sep 18, 08:00 to Dec 17, 14:00
China | Hong Kong
STEM By Her, ITS Education, The MXA Group, Global Citizen Capital
To maximize community involvement, the initiative will be carried out through the main website of STEM by her and an instagram page. STEM by Her aims to educate the public through regular posts about the current situation about the three main SDGs, and there will be self-posted entries from members of the community on a weekly basis.

For the weekly blog posts and instagram posts, the main topics will be focusing on economic inequality such as the gender pay gap, social inequality such as discriminating against a person on basis of their gender, and inequalities women face in the STEM field.

We hope to bring in established women activists and academics that have covered the week’s theme. Some possible themes include inequality during the pandemic, inequality against girls, protection for the LGBTQ community, economic inequality, micro-aggression and discrimination against women of colour.
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Over the next 6 months, STEM by Her will organise a hackathon in Hong Kong, no matter the age, to take concrete steps in their own lives as well as those within their communities to make a positive impact on the world whilst working with industry professionals and leaders. This hackathon will become the final project for STEM by Her’s summer initiative.

The STEM by Her organisation is a woman-led organisation that aims to break down gender barriers in STEM and build up confidence in girls, together, by empowering the next generation of leaders. Our society must foster and empower females in pursuit of STEM, to bridge the gender gap.

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