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Using to fund food, water, education and protection for a vulnerable child in Cambodia for every day I stick to my new healthy living regime

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As a business owner I have always been committed to using my business to help achieve the SDGs  – which is why I am a member of B1G1 and do the things described here.   But today I have decided to extend that commitment to my life outside business. And there are two personal factors driving this: I am fat, and my daughter gets married next summer. So, I am hereby committing that between now and the wedding in June 2019... For every day that I stick to my new healthy eating regime... I will use to provide a vulnerable girl in Cambodia with a day of safe food and water, textbooks and other school supplies, a bicycle so they can get to school, any extra tuition classes she requires to succeed and support from a trained Anti-Trafficking Education Officer to keep her safe. As a result, I will feel the joy of knowing that as I change my life for the better, a vulnerable child will get the helps she needs to make her life better too. So I will be even more motivated to make all of those good things happen. And, in the process, my healthier lifestyle will also be making a small contribution towards the first six of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals ie: Goal 1: No Poverty Goal 2: Zero Hunger Goal 4: Quality Education Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being for People Goal 5: Gender Equality Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation To keep it all transparent, I will also post regular updates on the days I manage to stick to my healthy eating regime, the days I fail, and the impact it has all had on young lives and on the UN Global Goals.


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