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France Lyon
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
As part of "Fete de la science" We are holding a workshop on the 17 SDGs. Some will address the issue of biodiversity, plastic pollution on the oceans, disability at school and the reception of refugees and migrants by giving French lessons
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Organising Partners
Ens de Lyon, Service DUNES (développement des usages du numérique pour l'enseignement et les savoirs) Institut Michel Serres pour les ressources et les biens communs Students associations

About ens de lyon / fete de la science/ odd

the ecole normale supérieure de lyon is a french public institution that trains professors, researchers, senior civil servants as well as business and political leaders. our team belongs to the ens de lyon. our global effort is to develop new tools, innovative pedagogies and training of trainers to help improve the way that science is taught to pupils in schools.

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1 no poverty 4 quality education 5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities 13 climate action 14 life below water 15 life on land