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We believe that investing in entrepreneurs and innovators who have the potential to positively change the world is key to achieve our vision. Our vision is to create a global community of entrepreneurs whose impact is accelerated and amplified by our support. To achieve this, we support entrepreneurs by providing them with leading resources, personal mentorship, a network of supporters and a community to call home. Programme The Collective Accelerators is a network of start-up accelerator programmes that supports some of the most promising entrepreneurs in cities worldwide. Every programme will focus on creating an impact in one or more of our Cause Areas: Economic Opportunity, Social Integration, Health and Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability.     During the programme, selected entrepreneurs will receive personal mentoring, a curriculum of workshops tailored to their needs, a co-working/co-living space, and introductions to people who can propel their business forwards with advice and/or investment. Most importantly, they join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are motivated to help each other succeed. Our community members will be offered ongoing support after the programme, in the form of in-kind benefits from our partners, and opportunities for investment, publicity and networking. Presently, we have run The Collective Global Accelerator, a 4-week residential programme at The Collective Old Oak, that has supported 20 entrepreneurs worldwide in their journey of impacting 2 million people annually. Our vision is to create a global network of accelerators with local hubs in cities worldwide. The Collective London Accelerator will be the first hub in London, and will focus on supporting entrepreneurs in London and the UK. The next programme is expected to start in the second quarter of 2019. The call for applications will be open in October this year. Please stay tuned by visiting our website at
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About The Collective Foundation

The Collective Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Collective, a property company that creates co-living spaces to build a connected and more inspired world that’s more alive, more together and more collaborative.

Creating communities where people can live happy, full lives, is deeply ingrained in The Collective’s purpose. This ethos applies to The Collective’s developments - residents are given opportunities for personal and professional growth, there is community support for mental health matters, curated daily events encourage strong social connection and the buildings themselves score the highest ratings across environmental sustainability indicators.

Through The Foundation, The Collective can extend its purposeful mission beyond its buildings, to the neighbourhoods and cities they serve, and to a wider society.

We can foster communities where people thrive, in cities all over the world.

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