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Building a Better Cameroon: Six Strategies for Engaging the Sustainable Development Goals in the Classroom

Cameroon Yaoundé, Cameroun
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
1 no poverty 4 quality education 5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities 17 partnerships for the goals
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Cameroon National Youth Council, FAPEFE,

About Cameroon Active Youth Association (United for Sustainable Development Goals)

CAMEROON ACTIVE YOUTH ASSOCIATION (CAYA) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization, working in Cameroon.

Since its official legalization in January 2004, the organization has been working with children/youths, parents, government bodies and intergovernmental bodies in the promotion of community welfare and youth. It works to identify the needs of the child especially the rural child/youths, the underprivileged and the weaker section of the society through participatory approach.

Created in 2004 by KUNGABA FONGOH Leonel, alongside some other young Cameroonians, the organization was officially legalized in 2010.


- Produce and promote quality education for Youths, children and girls

- Reduce the high illiteracy and under-education rate amongst youths

- - Promote the economic, social and cultural development of youth

- Promote environmental and agricultural education

-Give basic professional, technical and classical education to underprivileged young people

-Protect and make known the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child through education

-Assist the needy youths irrespective of tribe, origin, sex or religion, in the domain of social welfare

-Protect the young girls from sexual exploitation, child labor and forced-early child marriages

-Assist young people in prisons, orphanages, centers for the disabled and street children

-Organize youth leadership training and youth exchange programs

-Actively take part in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Cholera and Malaria especially in children/youths and girls

-Assist the government educational efforts and work with others organizations and associations following the same objectives.

-Work to promote the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and 2063 AGENDA

-Educate youths, students and the public in general on their moral and traditional values and ways of resolving differences, in a bid to restore a culture of peace.

-Foster peace, justice and progress through social interaction and communication among youths, students and the public in general.

-Initiate amicable fora for resolution of differences.

-Play a leading role in enhancing youth policies and development.

-Work relentlessly in liaising with institutions of the same caliber.

-Work in collaboration with Traditional Rulers, Religious Leaders, and Ministries involved with youth issues.


§ Public lectures, talks, seminars and educative programs to youths and students on sustainable developmental topics and a culture of peace.

§ Publication of a newsletter and a magazine and the use of the public media, with programs on the culture of peace, particularly on Human Rights and Freedom, Conflict Resolution, Good governance, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality, Agriculture, Climate Change etc….

§ Organisation of cultural events.

§ Developing policy documents for lobbying and advocacy.

§ Creation of Peace, Gender, Sustainable Development clubs in schools and colleges.

§ Active participation in seminars and other activities organized by partner organizations.


- Peace Education (Human rights, citizenship, and moral education).

- Entrepreneurship

- Developing policy papers for advocacy purposes on youth issues.

- Researching and campaigning against the illicit proliferation and misuse of small arms, war toys, fire crackers and violent films.

- Promoting exemplary national figures

- Promoting the achievement of international agendas such as: SDGs, African Union Agenda 2063, UN SG Campaign on VAWGs, the HeForShe Gender Equality Campaign, the Post 2015 Development Agenda, the Financing for Development Agenda etc.

- Promoting Pan Africanism through the African Youth Charter, and also partnering with the African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP), the Pan African Youth Union (PYU), other Pan African Youth Movements and the Africa Union Agenda 2063.

- Volunteering and Youth Exchange programmes

Mobilising the youth on environmental protection and the climate change debate.

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1 no poverty 4 quality education 5 gender equality 8 decent work and economic growth 10 reduced inequalities 16 peace, justice & strong institutions 17 partnerships for the goals