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Week van de Duurzame Gemeente - Week of the Sustainable Municipality - 18-25 september

Belgium Brussel, Belgiƫ
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Local governments in Flanders find local heroes (citizens, organizations, companies in their municipal territory) for the global goals. See http://www.duurzamegemeente.be to meet all the joining municipalities and their heroes.  
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Organising Partners
- Federal Institution of Sustainable Development: www.sdgs.be - Flemish government: https://www.vlaanderen.be - Belgian federal government: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl/Beleid/Ontwikkelingssamenwerking/Wie_zijn_we/Onze_organisatie/DGD

About VVSG - Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities

The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities VVSG is the association of all 308 Flemish municipalities and cities, representing their interests offering advice, training and many other services. Through training, permanent guidance and advice, joint activities, M&E processes, lobbying, VVSG contributes to the further professionalization of local municipal staff in Flanders.

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