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123+ | Decriminalising Homosexuality Worldwide

Australia Melbourne VIC, Australia
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
We believe no one should ever be imprisoned or murdered because of who they are or who they love. 123+ represents the spirit of the 123 countries that have fully decriminalised homosexuality. However, another 72 countries still criminalise it to some degree - from non-enforced punishment, through to the death penalty. These laws directly impact at least 87 million LGBT+ people around the world. Our mission, by 2030, is for every country to have the bespoke knowledge, resources, and skills they need to decriminalise homosexuality. 123+ provide these resources as the central, global knowledge hub and specialist network for catalysing LGBT+ rights. 123+ isn’t about duplicating resources, but rather strengthening and multiplying capacity around existing people and organisations already working towards decriminalisation in these countries. Globally, only 24 cents out of $100 philanthropic dollars go towards LGBT+ issues. And less than 1% of those 24 cents goes towards decriminalisation - a tiny 0.0024% of global philanthropic funding. 123+ provides desperately needed capacity. Visit 123.spurprojects.org to get involved
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#OLDMATE - Mental Health Never Gets Old

Australia Melbourne VIC, Australia
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Men aged 80+ suicide at a higher rate than other age group in Australia. As a community, we can change that. #OLDMATE aims to catalyse 100,000 Australians to take the online pledge of spending at least an extra hour per month with an older person. Contributing factors to poor mental health amongst the elderly are wide-ranging and often complex. However, key drivers include loss of connectivity, lack of purpose and illness. #OLDMATE specifically addresses these factors with over 60 recommended activities for participants to undertake with their Old Mate. Take the pledge online now at oldmate.spurprojects.org
3 Good Health & Well-Being
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