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Policy making and Legal advice and representation to the needy

Sri Lanka Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
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Currently we conduct several legal aid programs and law3 awareness programs through the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and individually as a Television anchor further we have developed policies for the benefit of justice and also in preventing laws delays in Sri Lanka.I am ready to work in par with
5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities 16 peace, justice & strong institutions
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Bar Association of Sri Lanka

Television awareness programs

Sri Lanka Colombo
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
As a TV presenter and producer I have conducted several Television proograms and in future would use the opportunity and knowledge to raise awareness among public to achieve the outcomes of SDGs.
5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities 16 peace, justice & strong institutions
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Colombo Television,Derana TV,Sri Lanka Rupavahini

About Yajish Tennakoon

One of the greatest things that has happened to my life is to choose to opt a career in the legal profession.My

legal career started even before I qualified as an Attorney at Law since I initiated a family business for Bitumen

and raw material supplying and hiring heavy vehicles for road construction industry of which I functioned as the

Director legal and Marketing.Subsequently after interning in the Attorney Generals department I interned being

part of the Child and Juvenile Justice Project of UNICEF following which I was lucky to be part of the legal

process in Sri Lanka as a State Prosecutor for the Attorney Generals Department of Sri Lanka and subsequently

a well known Young Attorney in the unofficial Bar of Sri Lanka who has handled many prominent landmark

cases including initiating the well known Central bank bond case in Sri Lanka.As a Student I was lucky enough

to be the only Non Tamil Student to win an all island Tamil Contest at a time of misunderstanding between

Sinhalese and Tamils which strengthened a thirty year civil war with terrorist demanding a separate state when

I was able to function as a focal point to generate the need to learn each others languages to break the ice

between the communities also specially by Newspaper articles written in which I was interviewed and also by articles

written by me and Television programs which I conducted.Currently as an Attorney at law for the Supreme Court

of Sri Lanka and as an active member for the Bar association of Sri Lanka I have been involved in multiple

facets of legal programs to raise general awareness among public and to provide free legal aid and also to

enhance and prevent laws delays in Sri Lanka with the collaboration of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka,Ministry

of Justice of Sri Lanka,Attorney Generals Department of Sri Lanka.I have always stood for Justice with the

other active members of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka to make sure proper Justice is granted to litigants

enhancing equal justice and rights to all communities and genders equally.I am currently part of the Hash tag

generation youth activist group which fights for all social stigmas and I deal with all legal issues free of charge

to enhance rights within the society distributed among all communities equally.Currently I am involved as a

partner for a law Partnership in Sri Lanka with the former Solicitor General,Former Secretary for the Ministry of

Justice,Court of Appeal Judge for FIJI HOn.Suhada Gamlath and Justice.Maxwell Paranagama former High

Court Judge and Chairmen of the Maxwell Paranagama Commission report, officially known as the Presidential

Commission of Inquiry Into Complaints of Abductions and Disappearances has been tabled in the Sri Lanka

parliament. with 10 percent of our cases which we handle for litigants who are unable to afford legal help.Currently I am associated in heading few standing committees in the Bar association of Sri Lanka and also

function as an anchor for the Television channel Colombo TV to handle all their legal and business awareness

programs to build awareness among the society the legal program includes getting down a prominent legal

practitioner in a topic being discussed and giving free legal advice to the viewers.Another experience which

really inspired my career and image was to play the role of Othello and being named the official character for the

Othello Theater production in Sri Lanka organised by the Shakespeare Center in Sri Lanka which is a branch of

the Royal Shakespeare academy.I would rather feel a most meaningful experience to be an incident when I was

schooling in Maldives during which I was fortunate to save the lives of four Maldivian students drowning in Sea

and the decision of swimming to them with a rope in hand and pulling them back had saved their lives which is

an incident I still feel happy and proud about despite all achievements and events that have taken place in my

life which was also published in the newspapers in Maldives.Similarly I feel I took a brave decision in

prosecuting many cases which ended up putting many perpetrators behind bars including the very famous

Central Bank bond scam by a private plaint 33366 in Magistrate court 6 Colombo in March 2015 in Sri Lanka

which sent the Central Bank Governor and the former Finance Minister lose their offices following the initiation

of the case.All of the aforementioned actions were taken with life risk and huge social and political pressure

from parties who were adversely affected by enhancing Justice in society.As I have pointed out I will continue

to render my services as a Counsel to enhance Justice in society and to secure the rights of all who deserve

justice within the society I live in.Further we have raised awareness and conducted debates with the College of

Pathologists Sri Lanka and Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice to address stigmas like if abortion for

irreparable Malformations and Children born to victims of Rape is to be legalised and if Prostitution is to be

legalised. As members of Proposing teams of both topics we won the debates which resulted in the above bills

being tabled in parliament following the win and awareness we raised among relevant stakeholders.

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