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SDGs awareness walk

Uganda Mbarara Municipality, Mbarara, Uganda
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
The event is meant to increase awareness about SGDs among the youth and the general public and more specially the local government to renew its commitement to contributing to attainment of SGDs the will involve walking a 6km route and climbing of katete hills as well as giving back to vul
3 good health & well-being 13 climate action
Organising Partners
Foundation for women development Rural development foundation National youth development association

About Youth fraternity for Change

Youth fraternity for change (YFC) is a non government organisation founded in 2012 in Uganda. the goal of YFC is to empower the youth to take a pro-active role in solving societal challenges. we target youth both in school and out of school through well coordinated structures to effectively deliver our mandate. the program tackled at YFC include, promotion of renewable energy, urban sanitation, reproductive health and HIV among the Youth and governance and Human rights

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3 good health & well-being 6 clean water & sanitation 7 affordable & clean energy 13 climate action