World Organization of the Scout Movement

Scouting is the world’s leading educational youth movement founded in 1907 and engaging 54 million young people, adult leaders and volunteers in 224 countries and territories to create a better world where individuals are self-fulfilled and play a constructive role in society. Scouting offers young people a unique non-formal education experience to foster individual and collective action to make a positive change in their communities. As a growing movement, Scouting is deeply embedded in local communities, responding to the diverse needs and aspirations of young people through transformative education, training, and learning opportunities.  

Scouts have been active in our communities for over a century, but with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, we let out a renewed commitment towards grassroots youth-led action for sustainable development through a Scouts for SDGs mobilization initiative. Launched in 2018, Scouts for SDGs is World Scouting’s commitment to make the largest youth-led contribution to the SDGs by mobilizing our 54 million members to complete 4 billion hours of community service for the Goals by 2030.  

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